A Constitutional Convention? Surely, You Jest!

March 27, 2010

by James P. Harvey

(Editor’s Note: Rob Natelson posted an article entitled Had Enough? at the Tenth Amendment Center website. My friend James P. Harvey wrote this excellent response to the Natelson proposal for a Constitutional Convention.

James has engaged Natelson and the “Tenthers” exactly where they are…still believing in a dead constitution and wanting to amend it. But the Constitutional Convention is insufficient for the task of restoring liberty in North America. I would go one step farther. I’d recommend writing a bunch of new STATE constitutions while we DumpDC. )

In consideration of the present and ever worsening condition of the people of America – many of whom are intellectually unprepared to accept what is said in this letter let alone the ramifications of another constitutional convention — let it be known that all who support this insane proposal must surely have nefarious intentions. Is that plain enough to establish my utmost opposition to this surreptitious political coup d’état?

Since Marilyn M. Barnewall said it best, let me quote this exceptional lady in an attempt to set the stage, and elucidate my position.

“Since human beings walked out of the cave, they have fought to either control their own destiny or sought the power to control the destiny of others. The “control my own destiny” group lacks the desire for power, and the “must have power” group lacks the discipline to use it wisely. Individualists who love personal freedom and accept responsibility for it know better. They become educated activists and leaders who use power wisely: for the people rather than against them.”

Only when a group of people rises up with an intellect equal to that of the founding fathers who wrote a document that kept Americans free for 250 years should a Constitutional Convention be considered. Only people with knowledge of the methods used to subjugate America, who have lived and acquired the wisdom of fifty years of experiential, productive maturity, and who have an in-depth understanding of Constitutional Law should be recruited to this group. No Kids Allowed – regardless of age – should be asked to undertake such a monumental task. Political experience is important to the process, but so too is economic understanding of the free enterprise system and how to run a business within it. The articulation skills needed to write a treatise on the necessity of clearly stated amendments understandable by the people and the Courts are required, and must be published before a Constitutional Convention is called.

Only when the above is accomplished and I am convinced there are in existence enough like-minded people in power to meet the three-quarters majority, will I lay down my opposition to a another Constitutional Convention.

In short, at this time in American history there are many outright scoundrels in Federal, State, County and City governments who have been indoctrinated in a school system (kindergarten through doctorate degrees) that teaches little about Common, Constitutional and Commercial Law – the three C’s of Citizenship. No intelligent person would ask a socialist, illiterate generation to rewrite a document created by a group of the most intelligent men who ever lived. I speak here of America’s Constitution as created by our founding fathers.

A Constitutional Congress at this time would put the most illiterate group of socialist moles ever privileged with citizenship in this Great Nation in charge of determining the fate of We, the People.

The current call for a Constitutional Convention is clearly a surreptitious attempt by those who would use linguistic gymnastics, confusion, fear, and frustration of the people to create a constitutional document which, in the end analysis, would enslave them.

When local efforts produce trustworthy State governments which communicate effectively with one another – and with the public – we will be capable of establishing a plan of action and producing trustworthy delegates. That plan of action should renew the people’s power over the federal government by States which treasure their own sovereignty. Then – and only then – should a Constitutional Convention be considered. Let us keep the horse in front of the wagon and prepare for freedom to prevail, rather than more tyranny.

James P. Harvey can be reached at: wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com