Movie Reviews: “The Hurt Locker” and “The Green Zone”

March 25, 2010

I sat through these crummy movies so you won’t have to. Oh, how I suffer for my people…my “peeps.”

The Hurt Locker

This piece of war propaganda won six Academy Awards a couple of weeks ago. It had no plot, a weak story line, it started nowhere and went nowhere. The main character takes risk after risk, placing himself and his squad in mortal danger. Nowhere in this movie does the story or the director ask the moral question of why America is in Iraq.

Then, it shows the main character reaching the end of his deployment and going back to “the world,” only to miss the adrenaline rushes of defusing explosives back in Iraq. The movie ends as the main character gets off the plane back in Iraq for another deployment.

The Pentagon’ fingerprints are all over this movie. Stay away from this steaming pile of propagandist bullshit. You’d spend two hours you’ll never get back, and not be entertained.

The Green Zone

At least this movie had a plot.

Chief Miller, played by Matt Damon, is a squad leader of Army troops in Iraq in the early days of the invasion. He and his squad are tasked with finding the Weapons of Mass Destruction that the Bush Administration said were in Iraq. But in location after location, his squad finds nothing. He meets a CIA operative early on in a briefing session who tells him plainly that there are no WMDs. But, the Army has received its intel from the Bush Administration bureaucrats in the Green Zone. Chief also runs down a Wall Street Journal reporter who has written a series of false articles with the Bush propaganda in her articles. But no one ever checked out the secret source. Chief finds out who the source is, an Iraqi general who discloses that he told the CIA that there were no WMDs. Chief finally figures out that the Bushies changed all the CIA intel to justify the invasion.

Damon does a believable job, just like he did in the Bourne Identity trilogy. But the overall message in the movie is the utter fecklessness and criminal behavior of a government that sends men to die in a foreign land…for a lie.

States that secede from this rogue government won’t be invading other nations. Want to save the lives of our young soldiers? Support secession.

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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