Texas, Don’t Let Little Vermont Show You Up!

Today I received a personal letter from Thomas H. Naylor, founder of the Second Vermont Republic. His letter was an info and promo fundraising letter for Dennis Steele, candidate for Governor of Vermont in 2010.

Let me quote Naylor’s letter:

“If elected governor, Steele would embrace the following twelve Swiss-based principles for a sustainable Free Vermont:

• Small is beautiful
• Gold-backed currency
• Fiscal responsibility
• International tax haven
• Swiss federalism
• Direct democracy
• Neutrality – avoiding entangling alliances
• Decentralized health care
• Swiss roads and infrastructure
• Locally controlled schools
• Decentralized social services
• Sustainable agriculture, energy and environment”

I love this Steele guy.

I have been writing about these very topics for months now. And Vermont has a courageous man running for Governor that wants to bring revolutionary change to his state. I don’t see that Dennis Steele has taken a position in favor of secession at this time, but can that position be far off? He is certainly in favor of using nullification and interposition in an attempt to reign in the DC criminals.

But Steele is thinking clearly. Using Switzerland as a model for a Free Vermont is brilliant. And why not? The US Constitution/republican model ain’t workin’ here sofar. Here are a couple of sentences about each of this bullet points above:

• Small is beautiful: Republics don’t work well when the population gets too large. Republics work best when they are decentralized. A North America with many individual nations or confederacies will bring liberty back to the continent between Mexico and Canada.
• Gold-backed currency: The money must be backed by precious metals, and gold and silver work best. But to go further, the currency must be privately minted, with government completely excluded from the currency process.
• Fiscal responsibility: You cannot have a state (or new nation) that is fiscally responsible until you wrest control of banking from the bankers and regulators. Fractional reserve banking must be outlawed, as counterfeiting is already illegal.
• International tax haven: If Vermont enacted tough privacy laws, refused to enter into tax treaties with other nations, and created Swiss-style banking and corporation laws, capital from all over the globe would pour into Vermont.
• Swiss federalism: Switzerland is a loose confederation of 26 cantons, which are fully sovereign states within the Swiss borders. Each canton has its own constitution, legislature, government and courts. I’m not sure if this will work in Vermont or Texas…not enough data in to make that call. But why not try it? Can’t be worse than what we have now.
• Direct democracy: I don’t know what Steele is proposing here, but my view of direct democracy is to create a new nation around the “corporate model.” In this radical new way of governing, each citizen must sign a contract if he desires citizenship. Then he is issued one share of stock. He may vote directly on national issues, or he can vote by proxy. This model makes every citizen legally bound to their government, and vice versa.
• Neutrality: George Washington himself implored future Americans to embrace neutrality, and avoid entangling alliances. A state without a standing army and a mind to keep neutral won’t be imperialistic.
• Decentralized health care: Get government entirely out of the health care industry, including insurance.
• Swiss roads and infrastructure: The Swiss have a dense network of roads and trains. Infrastructure would also include air travel/airports, power generation and telecommunications. Any state contemplating its independence must embrace nuclear power plants to achieve that independence.
• Locally controlled schools: Get the government out of the education business, and allow citizens to create and pay for their own educational solutions.
• Decentralized social services: The government has no business taking care of the poor and the indigent. That responsibility should fall on churches and charities.
• Sustainable agriculture, energy and environment: No subsidies for anything…ever…period. No burdensome regulators like the EPA.

Dennis Steele seems to be spearheading a liberty-based candidacy. His ideas seem more futuristic and forward-thinking that Texas gubernatorial candidate Deborah Medina.

But whether it’s Texas of Vermont, or some other state, these are the ideas that it will take to bring liberty in our lifetimes. Clearly, the present way of governance is not working. Radical new ideas must supplant the old ways. Sure, there will be mistakes made, and course corrections along the way, but that is necessary to create a new political system that works. A good strong dose of Deming Total Quality Management would also be very helpful.

So, Texas Patriots, step up and match or exceed Dennis Steele’s vision for a new government. Do it first, do it bigger and do it better!

Secession is the Hope for Mankind. Who will be first…and wisest?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

2 Responses to Texas, Don’t Let Little Vermont Show You Up!

  1. Matt says:

    Actually, Dennis is unabashedly pro-independence; you can check out the audio of the question he posed to the Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates at their forum about bringing home the National Guard at Radio Free Vermont:http://freevermontradio.org/Live_Archive/political/Dennis_Steele_gubernatorial_debate.html . Also, his take on Independence can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CwcJjVh53E . Imagine… Free Vermont!

  2. DCM says:

    Vermont is the ideal state to secede first. As a northern state it lacks the burden of negative historical propaganda equating it with racism. As a small state/country it would deprive the federal government of relatively little tax money and resources, making an attack more expensive than it’s worth. If the US does attack it there will be worldwide criticism because of its inocuous reputation and small size; if it doesn’t, secession can well be a done deal.
    In the latter case, why should other states not follow suit?

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