The Secret Government That YOU Maintain

March 9, 2010

I wrote and posted an article almost a year ago entitled Stop Voting! Back then, I wrote of the illegitimacy of the voting process as it cannot be verified when electronic voting machines are used.

But voting is even more insidious than that. The secret ballot is a key in continuing the illusion of lawful government in America. And, if you vote, you are helping a rogue government maintain that illusion while your country is stolen in plain view and you are enslaved.

The secret ballot is one of the most insidious and despicable ideas ever devised by the mind of human beings. But those who champion its cause are some of the most successful propagandists ever known. The secret ballot disconnects people from responsibility for their actions. And the clever people running our government since it began have known this, and rely on it to this day.

I see more and more impassioned writings from people across the political spectrum, from communist to anarchist, about Constitutional governance. But the US Constitution has no authority and no power to bind any two persons together. The Constitution is not a legal contract, and it is not a treaty, both of which would have the force of law. It is some form of a “compact” between parties, and not perpetual. The only group of people who seem to understand this are those present and former members of the US Congress. And if what I write here is true, you will be able to see how Congress can blithely ignore the Constitution and do exactly what it wants, without restrictions on its power.

The government rules over a man without his consent, therefore making him a slave. But the government occasionally allows the slaves to choose their masters by a majority vote. A man is no less a slave just because he is allowed to vote on his master every certain number of years. Men are slaves because they are state property, and their lives are controlled by other men whose power over them is absolute and without responsibility.

In spite of the incontrovertible evidence facing us, many people still wave the flag and spout off about how America is free. But the only truly free men in America are the 535 members of Congress, since according to the US Constitution, Article I, Section 6, they cannot be held accountable for their actions. Quoting: “They (Senators and Representatives) shall in all cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate (or vote) in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.” (Emphasis mine.)

In the rest of human society, people are customarily held responsible for their actions. Further, if you hire someone to represent you or perform an act on your behalf, you are responsible for the acts of your agent/representative. Yet, in this area of governmental process, we vote secretly to “hire” a representative who has no direct responsibility to us since we did not actually hire him and accept the responsibility of his acts on our behalf.

If a man is my servant or representative, I am responsible for his acts within the limits of the powers I have bestowed upon him to perform such acts. If I give him power to cause injury to other men, I am legally responsible for his actions. But no person injured by Congress may come to the voters for relief and compensation for their injuries. Even further, the Federal Government enjoys Sovereign Immunity, meaning that they cannot be sued for their actions unless they agree to allow the lawsuit. Therefore, Congress is answerable to no one, and are agents/representatives of nobody. No written agreement or contract exists between the voter and his alleged agent. Even in the mildest court of law and equity in the land, a judge would ask for either party to produce a written contract between parties if one sought relief from the other. As no contract exists, the case would be quickly and summarily dismissed.

Some attorneys have challenged me on this point of written contracts, saying that verbal contracts are upheld in courts of law. But my response is this: In one of the most important contractual situations of your life, in which up to half of your income is stolen from you by the government, and in which you are regulated every second of your life by that same government, and in which the liberties you thought you had are evaporating through government tyranny…do you really want to rely on an alleged verbal contract that may exist? Further, when was it exactly that you made this alleged verbal contract? On your 18th birthday, since that would be the earliest point at which you could legally enter into any contract?

Combine that phantom relationship between voter and officeholder with the fact that the officeholder cannot be questioned or arrested for any act he commits legislatively, and you have now created a Congress of despots. The right of property is the right of absolute dominion, for good or ill. Therefore, if the Congress has the power to make laws without responsibility to anyone, that is the definition of absolute power over property. And you, your income and your assets are their property, and they are your masters.

Real despots put it out there honestly. They say, “I am the law. It’s my way or the highway. The military belongs to me and I’m not afraid to use it. I am your master and you are my subjects. I own you.”

The Congress can not afford to actually state the fact that they are your masters. They tell you that they are public servants. But this assertion is absurd on its face. No man can be my agent/representative and at the same time, be entirely uncontrollable by me and not responsible to me for his actions. At the moment you voted for him, and he became a Congressman, he instantly became uncontrollable and unaccountable to you. You gave him absolute power over his property, which is your very life and property. He has become your master and you have become is property…his slave.

In many ways, the act of voting is not a positive vote, but is by nature an act of self-defense. Ever hear someone say that they were “voting for the lesser of two (or more) evils? That is defensive voting, but it worsens from there.

A citizen will find himself in the situation in which government forced him at penalty of death to pay money. No one asked his consent…he agreed to nothing. And, other groups of men band together and vote for government actions that are repugnant to him. So, he determines that, by use of his vote in concert with others of like mind, he may also attempt to become a co-master over others instead of always being a slave. It is comparable to the man on a battlefield, in which he will kill or be killed, even if he did not choose the battle. So, in matters of the secret ballot, when a man is faced with slavery simply due to the power of the majority, he uses one of the only methods of self-defense available to him…the secret ballot. This is certainly self-preservation, but lousy governing.

Can you see now that even in the most backward of nations…where subjects often place their very lives at risk by voting…an individual might use the ballot in an attempt to make their lives better? How much more in the United States will voters willingly go to the polls to either advance one cause or thwart another, in pitiful ignorance of the true consequences of their actions?

Voting in America is done by secret ballot. As such, governments are made up of a secretive group of despots, armed robbers and tyrants. They can take all the oaths of office that they like which promise to support and defend the Constitution. If they violate their oaths, it means nothing as a practical matter, since the Constitution is not enforceable, and their legislative actions are immune from challenge. None of them have any legal responsibility to any one voter or group of voters, since the secret ballot obscures the identity of any voter. The secret ballot also precludes any voter from individually contracting with the officeholder, and hence precludes the voter from taking responsibility for the officeholder’s actions.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have written foundational truths here today. The Constitution of the United States is not an enforceable document. It never had the force of law and reason behind it. It cannot bind any two people to each other or bind any person to the US Government. The US Federal Government wears the mask of the US Constitution in the same way a reveler at Mardi Gras wears a mask. You gaze upon the mask and do not recognize the wearer, but you recognize the mask and what it stands for. Then, you react based upon what the mask means to YOU. The mask-wearer has a different agenda, though.

Things in America won’t get any better until and unless men understand that the US Constitution has no authority and is a basically bad document for organizing a nation. States that contemplate secession should NOT use the Constitution as a template, but as the founding document NOT to use to create a “new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

To learn more about the true nature and legal foundations of the United States Constitution, go to and read the short book (about 30 pages) entitled “No Treason.”

Secession is the Hope For Mankind. Who will be first?

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