And While We’re On The Subject Of Music…

March 7, 2010

I just added a page of music here at DumpDC. Excessive frivolity, for sure. But while we work hard at changing hearts and minds about liberty in our lifetimes, we need some tunes. And even though we take Secession seriously, I encourage you not to take YOURSELVES too seriously.

So if you’re looking for a Kate Smith rendition of “God Bless America,” you’ve come to the wrong page (you gotta be an old guy to remember that ditty). No nationalism here.

Like the Sergeant in the movie “Stripes” says….”Lighten up, Francis!”

Look across the top nav bar just above this note, and click on “Music.” Turn your volume knob up to 11 (Spinal Tap, call your office) and listen to the tunes.

If you have a recommendation for other tunes that you think we should include, leave us a message. We’ll consider them all and include the best.