A Nation Without A Country, Part V: Crisis Secession

February 28, 2010

by Tom Baugh

In the previous articles in this series, we have discussed the implications of even the most civil secession movement, and the horrific consequences of even a best-case scenario. Yet, secessionists nobly believe that unbridled power at the national level is the root cause of many of the ills we see around us today. The previous installments of this series show what might happen should secessionists take a naive approach. The tentacles of the nationals surround us, in many cases at the urging of the nationalists in our midst.

In the previous installments, I presented an italicized hypothetical narrative as a framework for discussion of issues that would face a best-case secession. Even in the best-case, the nationalist tentacles, absent a major nationwide crisis which would overtax their command and control systems, lead to a counter-offensive which would crush a successful secession in days or weeks.

I now present an alternative scenario, which, as before, will be indicated by italics. This hypothetical scenario is gleaned from a study of history, and is an amalgam of historical fact, national security war-gaming, and discussions which might be happening at present in secessionist circles throughout the countryside. I present this alternative scenario in the form of a hypothetical secessionist’s handbook as an academic exercise to spark discussion. I address these issues only theoretically, but do not endorse any particular course of action beyond this academic discussion.

Crisis Secession Manual

It is clearly understood by our brethren that circumstances in our nation are rapidly becoming intolerable, yet most of our fellow citizens are distinguishing themselves as complicit in the slide toward totalitarianism. A naive secessionist might find to his horror that the majority of his fellow national citizens, rather than being grateful for being freed of their chains, will in fact demand an immediate return to the national status quo. The multitudes have instead been bought and paid for by property stolen from us.

It is essential that our brethren read and understand several sources of doctrine. As we learn from Che Guevara’s “Guerrilla Warfare”, refuse battle until we have popular support and the necessary conditions for victory in that battle. As long as we hold ourselves as independent creations of our God, enslaved to no man, the slave traders who surround us in our neighborhoods will never lend us popular support. This we accept as a fundamental principle. Instead of weakening our principles as the electables do, we commit ourselves to preparing for the crisis which must come. Our enemies’ own actions will defeat them, as we wait for their failed enslavement to run its due course. If the populace will not support liberty, then the evolutionary cycle, which must follow, will itself trim the herd of the slave traders among us as they grasp for their crumb which we choose to withhold from them. Those who survive will, on balance, be more sympathetic to our cause of liberty. As a result, we will inherit the pre-condition of inherent popular support in the progress and aftermath of that crisis.

So why does the author of that fictional secessionist manual recommend Che Guevara? Because it isn’t the leftist tome that you’ve been led to believe. This book is required reading in many military circles (take a close look at that URL while you are at it). Most of it will surprise you if you have never read it but have only heard what posterboard patriots have to say about it. Consider the following quote from Che’s first chapter alone:

“He (the guerrilla fighter) interprets the desires of the great peasant mass to be owners of land, owners of their means of production, of their animals, of all that which they have long yearned to call their own, of that which constitutes their life…”

Wow. What a bastard. As it turns out, both the coffee shop Marxist and the golf course conservative are wrong about this guy, or at least wrong about the message in his book. When I hear alligator tears being shed to keep the posterboard patriots from reading it, when I was paid by the taxpayer to read it as part of my professional Marine Corps education, I have to question the motives of the messenger. What don’t they want you to see? Granted, the guy was a genuine bastard and monstrous violator of human rights, but you have to recognize his proven credentials in the art of guerrilla warfare. The hypothetical author of that secessionist manual merely expects his readers to learn from the master.

Note also that we have unlocked the door to our own domestic policies, which could one day erupt in unlawful detention and torture of mere suspects. Let you or some of your family spend some time in a modern-day gulag, and you might find yourself inclined to find out more about what else Che had to say about his other area of expertise. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, and that our elected representatives continue to defend our civil rights with vigor and fortitude. Our manual writer continues:

It is also essential that our brethren learn the concepts of Fourth Generation Warfare, on the large scale, and the principles of Maneuver Warfare, on the small. Surprise, speed, deception and local superiority against isolated pockets of a larger enemy are as valuable in the political and economic realm as they are in their military application. To this end, the professional reading lists required of senior Marine enlisted and officers are essential resources. Study them well, and understand them. A rifle is only as effective as the mind which directs it. Ignorance can destroy us as swiftly as a lack of ammunition or weapons, perhaps even more so. Shed of ignorance, we can always find means with which to fight, and paths to victory which allow our enemies to destroy themselves.

Understand this point clearly: gun control is not about controlling guns, it is about killing gun owners who would fight for their liberty. Especially, gun owners who are dangerous to tyrants even if unarmed, through the virtue of their ideas and skills alone. Yet, those who would fight for their freedoms are exactly the people who deserve to inherit our nation and restore its liberty, but that is impossible to accomplish if they are killed in a raid or by an unseen drone piloted by a Y-Box geek. You must survive to see the victory ahead. Those who would rely solely on stored guns, ammunition and food must also store away knowledge and skill against the day when those are in short supply as well. Our hypothetical secessionist author is pointing the way to an essential syllabus for his readers.

If we secede too early, our enemies will draw upon a vast reserve of resources. In the case of a single State or a handful of States, this larger reserve encompasses the United States as a whole. The necessary conditions are those in which the State forces would have a reasonable chance of taking, and holding, their State against nationalist invasion. This requires not one state, or a few states seceding, but ideally more than half, all at once, the remainder too disorganized to mount effective resistance in time before their own organic secessionists seize their opportunity.

To accomplish this, the advantages of the nationalists have to be neutralized, or even turned against them as weapons. We realize that the main advantage of the nationalists is to mobilize public opinion to accept any atrocity or lies. This advantage lies in the ability of the nationalists to bribe as much support as needed, regardless of the long-term effect on the health of the economy and the citizenry.

He’s on to something. To the typical check-casher citizen, whatever crumbs they get by anonymous theft from you, it beats what they are willing to earn on their own. The nationals, including elected government officials, and non-elected enforcement agents, are merely expressing the will of the majority. You and all your carping about liberty are the problem in their eyes. It matters not to them that their every sustenance is taken from you first. At least it doesn’t matter to them yet.

We can all agree that we are sliding toward a crisis of some kind. Whether your favorite crisis scenario involves monetary policy, food supplies, energy resources, or whatever, something bad is headed our way. For years, or decades, we have been clawing at the rails to slow down the train headed toward the cliff. There are a lot of bloody fingertips out there, but there is good news. Producers can survive a major crisis in far greater numbers than can the leeches who depend on those producers. So stop clawing.

Imagine Katrina. Now imagine a hundred simultaneous Katrina-scale crises, of any origin. An economic collapse, for example, would do. In that environment, will the nationals be able to round us up individually, or even attack us state-by-state? Will nationalist sympathizers in state and local offices be able to assist them? Most of these people will be overwhelmed. Most of the nationalist sympathizers will be wondering why the trucks aren’t bringing them their due. Within days or weeks many of these people will be fighting, and killing, each other. We just have to stay out of the way long enough, and then be ready to act. Much of the national capability to suppress us will be overwhelmed, and as such many of the national agents will be on their own, or in small clumps, and as such, receptive to gentle persuasion. We prepare the battlefield, not for the next national election cycle, but for that day. Our time will come.

So how does our hypothetical secessionist author help prepare this battlefield? Read on and find out.

We must whisper into the ears of our sheriffs and police chiefs about mass deputization. In a crisis, groups of deputized volunteers form the core, and teeth, of local militias. And if these officials will not hear our whispers, we must be ready to defeat them at the polls, or to replace them in a crisis should they resign. Never forget, however, that to the modern politician, his true constituency is the masses of the looter populace, not us.

We must also court the local or county managers and other legislative bodies. These have the ability, and responsibility, to authorize the law enforcement officials, and their militias, to seal the borders of their communities or counties, and to repel invasion. Further, in a crisis, keeping the looters bottled up in their localities gives our brethren there an opportunity to act more efficiently. Immigration policies could allow individuals with key skills or knowledge entry. For example, a doctor is probably always welcome, as are welders, machinists, engineers, housewives, and so on. That list is long. So is the list of undesirables, including white-collar professions which don’t add original value to civilization but simply leech from the productive.

One level up are the Governors’ mansions. These are currently populated, in general, by those who see their role in a crisis as redistribution of property, rather than as the preservers of property rights. We are determined to change this mindset immediately, and try to elect to these positions those who give undivided attention to the role of the States in liberty. These offices are also responsible for repeating the local deputization, only Statewide, and commanding the State Guard.

The various State legislators have the responsibility of handing the Governor the authority to arrest all national forces within the borders who are attempting to violate the rights of State citizens, including those who have so acted previously, and to seize national assets, by force if necessary, that are used by, or could be used by, nationals to launch attacks against State citizens. These assets could then be placed in the service of the State Guard or the local militias, as appropriate. As a result, courting current and prospective legislators is essential.

We secessionists realize that national office buildings are the first of several categories of key national assets. These serve the role of communication hubs, and staging points for national agents to mass against State citizens. Each such building has an official appointed to manage the facility; these individuals can surrender them to the State forces given suitable encouragement, leaving the national agents based there without their usual safehouse. These locations also contain vital intelligence useful for locating other safehouses and operational assets within the State.

We know that national military reservations would be a little harder to crack, at least at first until the base commanders could be convinced of the futility of continued resistance. Some of these national military reservations, such as air bases, for example, usually lack sufficient ground power to protect themselves. Conversely, ground assets in other locations will be deprived of their usual air power, and thus weakened and demoralized by the loss of their usual ace hole card.

Given a nationwide crisis of sufficient magnitude, many of these units will already be in the field. We secessionists realize that this combination will give the State Guards and militias the ability to overwhelm most national reservations without firing a shot. Deprived of their home bases, including the administrative and logistic support found there, many fielded units will also collapse quickly and wish to simply return to their homes and families. The various secessionist Governors should accept the tendered surrender of these national assets with grace and civility and to return these areas to the service of the citizens of their State.

But we are not bloodthirsty villains. We secessionists plan to welcome worthy suburban survivors and homestead them on seized national parks. As such, encourage the productive few you meet to not fear the impending collapse. Instead, encourage them to use the remaining time before this crisis to prepare themselves with useful knowledge and skills.

The crisis is the key. Without it, and the subsequent decimation of the leeches who would oppose us, we secessionists will find ourselves perpetually outnumbered. We will not precipitate this crisis, but we will use it to defeat those who would enslave us with it. Prior to the full fruition of the crisis, our best efforts to secede, or even vote secessionists into office, will be thwarted, and destroyed piecemeal. Guaranteed.

But in peacetime, pre-crisis, how does our hypothetical secessionist author propose that his fellows stack the deck of the sheriffs, mayors, city councils, governors and legislators needed to carry out this plan?

We shall explore this topic tomorrow in the last article in this series, Stacking the Deck.

Tom Baugh is the author of Starving the Monkeys, Fight Back Smarter. He is also a former Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur and professional irritant.