Secession, China and Gold Money

February 4, 2010

In recent days, China has begun to encourage their own citizens to buy gold and silver. The government is producing and airing television programs to educate the citizens on the benefits of doing so. And Chinese officials know that their citizens have a very long history of saving. Could China have a strategy in place to supplant the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency with the Chinese Yuan?

The ability of a nation to print paper currency is a privilege that they NEVER give up until the currency collapses. Couple that with the fact that China has not been known for its paternal benevolence toward its own people. So, as the Latin phrase goes, “Cui Bono?” Who benefits?

Further, could a seceding state use the same strategy? Watch this fascinating video and decide for yourself.

A seceding state, following the Ron Paul HR 4248 Competition in Currency Act, would essentially establish private minting exactly like the video posits that the Chinese will likely do.

Since it is my opinion that secessions will not occur in America until the economy has collapsed and the dollar has had a meltdown, the new nations will have a very tough time using other national currencies..such as the dollar or Euro…as stopgap currencies for its population’s commerce. I feel that the wisest state/nations will jump into a new gold currency system as fast as possible.

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