Debra Medina For Governor of Texas!

Forget all the nice things I’ve ever said about Rick Perry. I’ve been far too nice…far too hopeful…far too gracious in my words about The Guv.

Rick Perry is a member in good standing of the political criminal class. He wishes to continue, and fellow criminal Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson wants his job. But Debra Medina is also running for Governor, and she actually wants to uphold and defend the Texas and US Constitutions.

The first Gubernatorial Candidate debate was held on Thursday, January 14th in Dallas. Participants were Governor Rick Perry, seeking another term; Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson; and Debra Medina, registered nurse and mother.

I watched this debate the day after on the Internet. I recommend strongly that you watch every second of this debate by CLICKING HERE.

John Weekley, political analyst for the CBS affiliate in Dallas, said that while there were no overt losers, Medina probably won the debate. In my opinion, Debra Medina should have been carried out of the debate hall on the shoulders of her supporters for a complete rout of the other two candidates.

Let’s summarize the words of each candidate:

Rick Perry: The very first question posed by the moderator was about secession and nullification, and she asked specifically if Perry supported nullification. Perry waffled and squirmed and never did really answer a simple “yes or no” question. But he did say that he would not nullify laws that had to do with Federal dollars, like highway funds, that should come to Texas.

Perry also stated that his favorite Federal program was the military, quickly giving a verbal hand job to all the military personnel that “keep us free.”

When asked by the moderator to name just one Federal program that needed to be cut, Perry could not, or would not, name one. He said he was happy with them all.

Perry disparaged Hutchinson by pointing to her senatorial voting record, stating that she was a Washington insider that voted nine times to raise the Federal Debt ceiling. He also pointed out that she had committed to vote against any Federal bailouts, and then reversed and voted for all of them on a party-line vote.

The Governor defended his record as Chief Executive, and stated that 1,000 people a day were moving to Texas for its pro-business climate.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson: The Senator painted on a very insincere smile and began ripping Perry as soon as she got her turn to speak. She told of the woes of high Texas taxes, lost jobs, immigration/border issues and Perry Administration ethical challenges. When asked about her position on abortion, she stated that she was anti-abortion, but she did not believe that states had any rights to adjudicate this issue.

Hutchinson could not think of even one Federal program she believed should be axed. But, like Perry, her favorite Fed program is the military. She did not really defend her senatorial record, but simply stated that she was a Conservative who would be more conservative than Perry if she were Governor.

Debra Medina: She supported nullification of unconstitutional Federal law. She said the states should individually decide abortion issues. She took a position strongly in favor of individual property rights, especially as it relates to the proposed Texas corridor. She advocated the sales tax as the only method of taxation in Texas, and is in favor of eliminating all property taxes. She stands for an end to the War on Drugs and the position that each state should decide this issue for itself.

In summary, Debra Medina won this debate by simply taking pro-liberty positions and small government solutions to problems. Hutchinson and Perry spent their night sniping at each other over petty issues, and both refused to take solid, verifiable positions on anything.

Both Perry and Hutchinson are career politicians who have prospered in the belly of the Beast. Each one wants to continue with “business as usual” in the next term as Governor. Only Debra Medina stands as a candidate who recognizes the fundamental problems built into the system and offers solutions to fix the problems.

I recommend Debra Medina for the next Governor of the State of Texas. Only Medina has the freedom-based philosophical underpinnings to lead a state that will eventually be faced with the secession issue.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

3 Responses to Debra Medina For Governor of Texas!

  1. The Mobocracy Looter Minions who reside in the geographical region commonly known as the Sovereign State of Texas will not willingly release their teeth from around the federal tit. Thus they will continue to vote for those who promise the most tits and the most milk.

    They will continue to use GUNvernment to rape, rob, and steal from their neighbors and when that fails they will go door to door and loot it themselves. At least until they get repelled and destroyed by the rightful property owner.

    We absolutely, positively challenge and dare each and every Individual Sovereign Human Being to read, promote, and distribute Tom Baugh’s new book Starving The Monkeys! You will indeed become very valued in your community and circles just by sharing the truth.

    Ayn Rand warned us about the looters but far too few paid attention. How’s that working out now…hahaha!

    Get your gold, silver, guns, ammo, toilet paper, and long-term storage commodities today…yes, we really meant yesterday but today will have to suffice.

    Did you hear about those banks that failed recently? When will yours go…and will there be enough value left in your neighbor’s dollars to shave off some to keep the FDIC afloat another day? The FDIC protection is a scam…they provide protection by running the printing press thusly and increasingly diluting each and every dollar already in existence. If you do not understand that then you need to get up to speed pronto!

    Did you hear about the huge gun industry executive bust that just went down in Vegas? Hahaha! The GUNvernment thugsters are picking your Brothers and Sisters off one by one…hahaha!

    Word to the wise. Back at Auschwitz…when you were naked and shut in the showers…probably a little too late to protest and fight back against the bureaucrats, jackboots, and mercenaries…hahaha!

    Anywho…there is beer in the fridge, football on the big screen, and your mistress is coming over tonight for some hot one on one…hahaha!

    Here’s a little music for ya:

    Starving The Monkeys Continually And Forevermore,
    John and Dagny Galt
    Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


  2. Interesting stuff – thanks!

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