Movie Review for “Avatar”

Every person who loves freedom and hates tyranny MUST SEE THIS FILM.

Drop what you’re doing. Take the afternoon off work. Clear your schedule this evening. But do what you have to do to get to the closest theater that is showing the James Cameron film “Avatar.” James Cameron is saying a lot more than just the triumph of good over evil.

In my seldom-humble opinion, The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was the high water mark in visual effects. But that was then and this is now. “Avatar” has got to be far and away the most visually sumptuous movie I’ve ever seen. The fact that this film exists, and I got to see this for only eight bucks, makes me glad that I am alive in 2010.

I only viewed the movie on the flat big screen. But I know that the theaters are screening this movie in 3D and in IMAX screen. I can’t even wrap my mind around that…but I will be soon. I’ll see this movie a few more times just to take in the visual feast happening all over the screen at any moment. Then, when it comes out in DVD, I’ll own it so I can see it a few dozen more times.

The first few minutes of the film lays out the plot, and then for about 90 minutes, you are introduced to Pandora, a mind-boggling forested world filled with strange and wonderful plants and animals. Then the plot thickens when the bad guys make their move against the fascinating indigenous people, the Navi (I guess the baddies never read “Pandora’s Box”). Seems that the Navi’s ancestral land sits on top of a massive mineral deposit that the bad guys want. The movie never tells you how the baddies came to own Pandora or its mineral rights. It’s just assumed that they have the right and authority to take it. So it’s either move off the land or die. Sounds just like the Mobocracy Looters and their Minions in DC.

The bad guys have a mercenary (merc) army of former US Marines who are only there for the money, and are enthusiastic about killing whoever ain’t paying them. Sounds just like the Pentagon hired guns who kill for a paycheck.

Our hero, Jake Sully, is much like Kevin Costner’s character in “Dances With Wolves.” Jake, a merc, is sent to learn about the Navi, and then becomes one of them. However, Jake doesn’t just relocate like the Lakota lieutenant. He exacts a severe toll on the nasties when they mess with his new family.

Those of us who envision an American state seceding from the Union and becoming a new nation will see the obvious similarities between the bad guys and the present crowd in Washington. And likewise you will see the similarities between the Navi and those who just want to be left alone to live in liberty and peace.

Another comparison must be the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan who were living their lives and certainly not bothering or threatening America. But millions of them have died and more millions are now refugees due to American military aggression. And don’t think that the liquid minerals under the sand in the Middle East is not the number one reason American boots are on the ground.

But hopefully you’ll also recognize the foundational human response to tyranny, which is to fight back with everything you have and everyone you can gather. When you do that, you get labeled “the insurgents.”

The old Chinese general Sun Tzu would be proud of these Navi warriors as they use the weaknesses of the mercenaries against them to defeat them. The bureaucrats and mercs are so swaggeringly overconfident that they make many tactical blunders.

So my friends, make sure you watch this film at least once in the next few days. Take your girlfriend or your spouse and kids, and then after the movie, explain why the message of the film is so crucial.

It’s that important.

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  1. Nesta says:

    Great job. Thank you for sharing this information.

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