Are You An Automatic Teller Machine For Washington?

December 18, 2009

This week’s news headlines report that President Obama, while at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, pledged $1 BILLION DOLLARS of American taxpayer money to slow the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest.

In Brazil. Yes, that rain forest.

That is one thousand million dollars. And nobody knows what “slowing deforestation” means, or who will receive the money or what it will finally be spent for. Apparently, Mr. Obama thinks that he may spend American tax money any way he pleases…like a monarch.

I know that one billion is a tiny sum in comparison to the trillions that Washington spends yearly. But it’s indicative of a criminal condition that has been shared by all Washington politicians except Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last ten years, and you just came back to “civilization,” you’ve probably heard that the government in Washington has been on a spending juggernaut. Since George Bush’s first term as President, Washington has been burning through money like wildfire through the chaparral of Southern California. Obama picked up the book of matches where Dubya dropped them.

When is the last time that you heard a news story about the Federal Government cutting spending? I mean actual spending, not just when DC announces that they deferred an automatic increase built into some spending bill. I mean actually cutting spending, laying off people and cutting back real services. That is what the states have to do (except California, apparently) when they have a budget shortfall. And that is what regular citizens and businesses have to do when their income is exceeded by expenses.

Another story this week showed how Federal jobs paying over $100,000 per year have mushroomed in the last 18 months. DC is on a hiring spree.

But in DC, Congress and the President just keep writing bad checks and they DEMAND that America covers them.

Remember when President Ronald Reagan promised during the 1980 presidential election to eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy? How did that turn out? Now we have even more Cabinet Departments, like Homeland Security.

Washington’s politicians are spending money at a rate heretofore unheard of in human history. And, with the methods that Washington uses to hide their profligate spending, it is nearly impossible for even skilled auditors to see what desperate financial shape America is in. There are estimates that total Federal Debt added to future spending commitments are over $100 Trillion Dollars. That’s way too much for the normal mind to fathom.

But is it America that is desperate financial condition…or just Washington, DC?

This question is one of the most crucial questions facing Washington…and any state that eventually decides to secede from the USA.

Any state that leaves the United States to become its own sovereign nation instantly repudiates any and all American debt forever. Overnight, Washington will have to face the reality that a large amount of taxpayers just disappeared. And it’s not just the immediate revenue that Washington will miss…it’s the future debt that they expect YOU and your grandkids to pay on their behalf.

For example, when Texas secedes to become a new nation, over 24 million people will vanish from the US Federal tax rolls. And, when you consider that Texas traditionally sends Washington more revenue than they get back in Federal pork spending, the pain for Washington will be even more severe.

Washington is treating America like a big Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). The politicians slide in their card, and out comes cash. And when the ATM runs out of money, they just call the Treasury Department and tell them to run the printing presses on overtime. Or, they “slide in their card” and borrow money from the world. All the while, they devise cunning ways to transfer more and more money from your personal and business accounts into theirs.

At some point, the American citizenry must decide that they refuse to be treated like an ATM for Washington. My prediction is that this tipping point will occur when the Dollar collapses and rolling bank holidays begin to happen all over the USA. When the credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards for Americans cease to work, and Americans cannot get their own money out of their banks, Americans will begin getting very focused. So will state politicians.

Sadly, I also predict that most of the American states will keep their lips locked onto the Washington nipple, and they will wait for Washington to tell them what to do next. But for those few states that sense this historic moment, they will launch out into the deep waters of liberty and save their own lives. And for the liberty-loving Americans that witness those secessions, it will be their signal to run…not walk…to get themselves relocated to those new islands of freedom.

“Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty” Thomas Jefferson, 1796.

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