Recruiting: Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

September 23, 2009

by Russell D. Longcore, Editor of DumpDC

Members of any state’s secessionist movement are the vanguard of political thought in today’s world. We are advocating and promoting liberty, not enslavement to a far-off rogue government that has ceased to obey the law.

Curiously enough, the concepts of liberty are foreign to most Americans. Thanks to public education over the last 50 or so years, most Americans know little of the US Constitution and how American government should operate. Rather, they are willing to have Washington dictate nearly every aspect of life…and death.

So, spreading the message of freedom, liberty and the establishment of a new Republic…a new independent nation in the family of world nations…can be a daunting task. We must help Americans UN-LEARN old propaganda and learn the truth.

Simple, right?

No…anything but simple. Winning the hearts and minds of Americans will require patience and kindness and laser-like focus.

We must understand what the main thing is so we can keep the main thing the main thing.

What is the Main Thing?

The Main Thing is telling the story of why state secession is good for each individual.

Face it! People’s attitudes are turned inward. They want to know, “What’s in it for me?” We all feel that way most of the time. You would seldom buy anything if you didn’t believe that the purchase was in your best interests.

So, develop a simple explanation of your state’s Secessionist Movement and then tell everyone with whom you come in contact.

In sales, it is widely understood that it takes seven “impressions” or messages before a prospect is likely to buy. It is not reasonable for us to think that our product…Liberty and statehood…will be any different. So never forget that people are going to have to get used to this very radical idea.

Consequently, “Main Thing” recruiting encompasses the old Bible principal of sowing and reaping. The whole world is based on sowing and reaping. And when you sow seeds, you expect a harvest. The harvest you expect is a multiple of the single seed you planted.

When Jesus was training his disciples to recruit, he told them the story found in Mark Chapter 4. Read it.

He likens the hearts of men to different kinds of soil. Some soil was stony, some fallow, some rich. But the sower just kept on sowing the seed. Some seeds laid dormant, some sprouted and then withered, and some exploded into bounty.

Recruiters must keep in mind that their Number One job…The MAIN THING… is to spread the word…the seed. You can’t know the condition of the soil in a man or woman’s heart. But you can plant seeds and trust God for the increase.

That is where the patience and kindness enter the picture. Liberty in our lifetimes may be crystal clear to you. But it likely wasn’t always your position. So keep in mind that hammering another person with your message will likely only alienate them and make it double tough for the next secessionist advocate to speak with that person.

Some listeners will develop iron will and true belief. Others will jump on board, but exit as soon as some friend makes fun of them. Some will leave if and when persecution arises for the Cause.

Old Texas Coach Darrell Royal said: “Dance with the one who brung you.” The original thirteen states of the united States of America were sovereign nations held together by a Constitution. “State sovereignty” is what “brung us to this dance.”

So let’s be true to our states, our history and to each other…and keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

© Copyright 2009, Russell D. Longcore. All rights reserved.

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September 23, 2009

by Cary L. Wise

As a new member I stated, and dedicated myself, to do all I could for the movement to obtain Independence for the new Republic of Texas. After reading the challenge issued by the President to recruit new members, I also knew that recruiting new members one on one, is most likely the hardest thing any person will experience. I have spent 28 years recruiting companies and individuals into not only my business, but into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with my company.

It may seem because of our passion that joining the TNM would just be a complete no-brainer. My friends, and fellow compatriots, IT IS NOT! Recruiting anyone to a cause, especially outside the accepted main stream thought process, may be the most difficult thing you will ever try. A no-brainer decision to you may be an earth-shattering decision for others.

I am going to share some thoughts on recruiting new TNM members. Without that effort and success, we cannot achieve the goals which we believe in, and which are surely, the route to our future. The future of our families, our success, our freedom, and even the leadership of the free world, might indeed hinge upon our ability to convince and bring people into our movement. Yes, it’s that serious! Take from this article what works for you and use it. Recruiting is the LIFE BLOOD of the Texas Nationalist Movement. Without it, we die, and you live under whatever D.C gives you. I hope to help all of you with my experience, but also hope to have all understand, that it is the individual, sharing his or her passion, that will ultimately make the difference!

At the end of this article I will give you an outline that hopefully will be helpful to you in the recruiting process. Carry it with you and use it. Insert what you want and disregard what does not work for you. However, the first thing to remember in recruiting, is that it ultimately, is about YOU ! YOU are the ambassador for TNM! YOU are TNM. Folks you are talking to don’t know anyone in the organization. They don’t know the formats. They don’t know the officers. They don’t know NOTHIN’! They know YOU!

If you are going to recruit someone to really think about leaving the U.S….about starting a new Republic…about changing a way of political thinking that has been in existence for 230-plus years, understand that you will rock their world! This is something they may never have heard of, or much less thought about! BE GENTLE! Also if you are going to recruit someone into a new nation, LOOK THE PART! If people are going to take you seriously, be serious about who you are! Dress the part, and act the part, of a real ambassador of a potentially new Republic.

I know we all meet friends in bars and at home, but serious recruiting is a full time job, wherever you may go! In recruiting, there is the 3 foot rule. If they are with in 3 feet of you, listen, hear what they are talking about, and begin the recruiting process when the opening arrives. To do that you must always be in the TNM AMBASSADOR MODE! If you hear people complaining about the government, that’s your opening to start a recruiting conversation. I do believe that there is plenty of that going on nowadays. Dress it up, get into the ambassador mode, and be ready wherever, and when ever, the opportunity arises!

The second rule of recruiting is to become a fantastic listener! All of us members are very passionate about our future, and the future of a Republic of Texas. Non-members are NOT THERE YET ! Our enthusiasm and passion has us ready to skewer the US and promote the new Republic in the first 2 minutes of conversation. My friends, EVERYONE OF US HAS A STORY! Let them tell theirs first! Leading questions like, “ Well, what do you think of the current economic situation” “What do you think of the bail outs”, “ What do you think of Obama”, Well what are your thoughts on how to fix things”? You see my friends, everyone will be willing to tell you exactly what their ‘HOT BUTTONS” are. They will eventually tell you exactly what you need to concentrate on to begin to recruit them!

Once you have found and discussed their hot button, and cannot answer the question you ask, which is, “So what is your solution, and what have you done about it”? You can then say, “Well I have a solution, and here is what I am doing”! Now it’s time to introduce the TNM. Folks, when it’s your turn, after careful listening, the TNM is about freedom, and liberty, and rule by the people, for the people, with equality for all. It’s OK to talk of Texas history and patriotism, but in the context of those values being the values that are right, and good, and sound. People are afraid of change, much less radical change to their thinking. Don’t scare people off up front! Once they have had an opportunity to research, study, examine, meet members, and attend a meeting, then they will become as passionate as we are. Passion breeds passion! Education and examination breeds—NEW MEMBERS!

The third rule of recruiting is be knowledgeable! If you are going to talk about the Texas and US Constitutions, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Nothing will trip up a recruiting effort like wrong information! Know the organization. Know the law. Know the Movement’s goals. When you don’t know, and there are many things that we don’t know yet about what and how the new Republic would look, say you don’t know! That’s what we are about! We are the founding fathers and mothers of a new Republic. Our job is to structure and form this new entity. That’s a good thing, and the potential new recruit needs to be a PART OF THAT! You can always guarantee one thing…it won’t include, or be any worse than what the new potential recruits “ HOT BUTTON” issue was.

Note: Don’t ever forget the hot button issue! So my friends, study, research, read, and arm yourselves to be true ambassadors for the future. It’s worth the effort.

To finish my friends, let me share three things. First is that if we are to be successful, everyone must recruit new members. It must be done now, and it must be done fast! We do not have a lot of time. With the federal government going the way it is, the financial collapse could come at any time. We must get ready now!! Recruit now, recruit everyday, and don’t stop until we are a Republic!

Secondly, we all have jobs, families, time requirements, etc. If you are truly serious about Texas Independence, FIND THE TIME TO RECRUIT EVERY DAY! No excuses! IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!

And third, understand human nature and recruiting. You will NOT recruit everyone you speak to. You will be rejected. You will in some cases be abused verbally. You will get depressed over rejection. You will get tired. You will want to quit.

Remember at all times, that 50% of the population reserves the right to remain ignorant, and there is nothing you can do about it! Also remember that “ Some will, Some won’t, So what! Then some “won’ts” and the uninformed will follow as they have always done.


1. Dress and conduct yourself as an ambassador for the TNM (Take this as serious as it really is)
2. Ask questions that let them tell their story
3. Listen.
4. Find their “ hot button” and focus on that
5. Be knowledgeable
6. Recruit everyday, and don’t let people get you down.


To All, good recruiting, keep the faith and the passion, and

God Bless Texas!

Cary Wise