Secession Goes Mainstream, by Patrissimo

Secession suffers from a coordination problem – you can’t do it alone, and so there is no point in working on it unless other people are too. So we’ll start by showing that even in the US, secession is becoming an increasingly mainstream topic.

To start, Mike here at A Thousand Nations points us to an article about secession in the Wall Street Journal – not exactly a fringe or obscure media channel (Cameron Parker also writes about the WSJ piece). And even the New York Times reported on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s recent expression of sympathy for secessionist Texans (18% of the state, in a recent poll).

The Basics Of Secession

The topic is covered in quite a number of books, like “Secession, State, & Liberty”,  “A Constitutional History of Secession,” and “The Dynamic of Secession” from Cambridge Studies in International Relations. Patri has written a post introducing our unique approach to making government work better: “Let’s Try Everything: Local Autonomy and Innovation In Government.”

Did you know that there is an institute about secession? Check out The Middlebury Institute: For The Study of Separatism, Secession, And Self-Determination. They co-sponsored the Second North American Secessionist Convention in 2007, which received quite a bit of press via an AP story.

Several other good sources of information about secession are – Principles, Goals, and Strategies, and The American Secession Project – “Dedicated to placing secession in the mainstream of political thought as a viable solution to contemporary problems.”

We’ll update this post the rest of the day, as new links come in, and we’ll have more new posts all week on different topics, like American Secession Movements, Secession vs. Revolution, and Federalism (Secession Lite). If you’re a blogger, we encourage you to write on any of these topics, or secession in general, and comment, trackback, or email at:

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