The Absence of Outrage

The machinations of the Federal Government of the United States remind me of the old story of the frog and the scorpion.

The frog and the scorpion met at the edge of a creek. Both needed to cross to the other side. The scorpion engaged the frog in conversation and made an offer.

“Frog, I cannot swim, but you can. I need a ride across the creek.”

“But you will sting me and I will die,” replied the frog.

“Use your frog brain,” said the scorpion. “If I sting you, then we’d both die.”

So, the scorpion got onto the back of the frog and they set out to cross the creek. About half way across, the scorpion stung the frog.

“Scorpion, you idiot! Why did you sting me? Now we will both die here in the creek,” cried the frog.

“Because stinging is in a scorpion’s nature. It’s what scorpions do,” became the scorpion’s last words.

Governments throughout human history have always been true to their nature. They gradually enslave the citizens until the government collapses. Then along comes another government and the cycle is repeated.

The Federal Government of the United States of America is spinning entirely out of control. It is comparable to the drowning man who will grasp any form of help to save himself, even if he kills himself and his savior. It recognizes no restriction from without…not even its own founding documents. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been dead documents for decades.

The only self-imposed restriction it will currently abide is what it can get away with.

The Congress, the President, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have joined forces to plunder the American economy and the American taxpayer.

They have instituted laws that violate the natural rights of individuals to enter into contracts.

They have handed billions of dollars to the very companies that were seated at the crap tables of Wall Street, and covered their bad bets.

The Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank, and the government colluded to issue trillions of dollars of worthless paper money that over time, will cause massive inflation, thereby stealing even more money from the citizens.

Meanwhile, the government makes no effort whatsoever to curb its own spending. It is the leech and the body America is the host. Will this leech eventually kill this host?

Because of the direct interference of Washington, the nation is now fully plunging into a deep depression which will last for many years.

But, where is the outrage in America?

I maintain that outrage is buried in a common grave along with the education that Americans used to get about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The two have been interred together now for about 140 years.

The understanding of our constitutional republic form of government has been ignored now for at least three generation, so that its memory has nearly been wiped out by the government educational establishment, tasked with the job of producing compliant dumb citizens.

So, the legislators who are chosen from that pool of Americans ignorant of their rights cannot be expected to champion a concept of natural law foreign to their ears.

The occasionally-heard voice of outrage is today labeled as a domestic terrorist, or threat to the government, or a Homeland security risk. Those persons are likely to be hassled when they attempt to board planes on American soil.

It  appears that the American populace will abide any injury…any ill treatment…any crushing regulation visited upon it from Washington. The 2008 elections had the greatest turnout in history, with Americans willingly lining up as sheep to be shorn.

Without outrage. Without revolt or revolution. Without dissolving its government and instituting new government that protects its rights under natural law.

So, in light of the breathtaking apathy and outright refusal of the majority of American citizens to actually control their Federal Government, only a few consequences remain for us all to anticipate:

Increasing confiscatory taxation

More laws to diminish personal liberty

Abridgement of any free speech that criticizes the government

Tax revolt, in which taxpayers refuse to send money to Washington

Implosion and collapse of the Federal Government

State secession

Complete societal collapse

Which will occur first? Only time will tell.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

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