Could Government Actually Own Most Businesses Already?

Government entities own trillions of dollars in securities, and the evidence is hidden in plain sight.

I saw a nondescript article posted in the online version of the Atlanta Journal Constitution today. Its headline read, “Georgia Teacher’s Fund to Lose $525 Million.” The article explained how the Georgia State Health Benefit Plan, which covers 690,000 state employees, school teachers, retirees and dependents, was changing its rules and rates to lower the reserves by $525 million. That one move would alleviate some of the state’s severe budget shortfall.

$525 Milliion? That means that the Fund must have much more money in its reserves. Reserves are the net asset amounts over and above obligations. The remaining net asset reserve in the Fund is $137 million!

And folks, that is just one fund operated by the State of Georgia. And those assets are not held in cash in some bank vault. They are invested in American securities, possible foreign securities.

How many other villages, townships, counties, cities, and states own investment funds? How much money is actually controlled by government at all levels?

I just saw a Youtube video recently by a man named Walter Burien, about the various government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. There are over 85,000 federal and regional government institutions – school districts, townships, cities, counties, water and power districts – and they own 70% of the stock market. Most of the assets and income are off-statement and off-budget. He exposes the corruption and deception done by the governments in conjunction with the media.

It’s almost as if the government is keeping two sets of books. They wouldn’t do that, would they?

Here’s a link to view the video:

Friends, you must take time and view this video. I was shocked when I watched this. How could the various governmental bodies accrue this kind of wealth? Further, if they have that much wealth, why are we still paying taxes?

2 Responses to Could Government Actually Own Most Businesses Already?

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