May 2, 2009

How different would the world be today if the Confederate States of America (CSA) had won? Here is my version of how history might have transpired.

The first seven Southern states seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America in February of 1861. The first hostilities at Fort Sumter, SC happened in April 1861.

Battle of Bull Run/First Manassas, July, 1861

(In the actual battle, the South wins. CSA Generals Beauregard and Johnston command barely 29,000 troops against 50,000 Federal troops under the command of Gen Winfield Scott. The Confederacy wins the battle, and the Federal troops make a full panicked retreat back to Washington. But President Jefferson Davis hesitates and loses the opportunity to capture Washington, DC, which would have ended the war in the first major battle. Here is how it could have gone if Davis had made a positive decision to complete the battle, and here is the history that could have flowed from that victory.)

Learning of the Federal defeat and retreat, President Jefferson Davis and General Beauregard order the CSA troops to complete the rout by pursuing the Northern troops back to Washington, only about 30 miles. The pursuit is made far easier for CSA troops as the Federals have abandoned their stores of provisions all along the way back to Washington. A small cavalry force under the command of General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson captures the White House and President Lincoln. The cavalry and CSA troops camp on the White House lawn.

Within a week, President Davis and General Robert E. Lee begin negotiations with Lincoln, Cabinet members and Congress members to cease hostilities permanently. The parties negotiate various treaties regarding commerce between the nations. They determine that subsequent territories desirous of statehood get to choose which nation to join, and other border issues.

Abraham Lincoln is impeached by Congress and removed from office in late 1861. He is tried, found guilty of war crimes and is hanged on a scaffold erected on the White House Lawn. As General Ulysses S. Grant has achieved no notoriety in the war, he is not elected President and retires in obscurity.

The lives of over 620,000 men on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line are spared. The CSA is not pillaged and sacked by the Union forces. The state of West Virginia is not formed by Lincoln. CSA cities and plantations are not burned. There are no draft riots in New York City. Northern newspaper editors are not jailed for disagreeing with Lincoln. Robert E. Lee’s plantation named “Arlington” is not stolen by the US Government and made into a Union cemetery.

The importation of slaves was outlawed in the CSA Constitution of 1861, and slavery slowly collapses under its own weight at about the same time as mechanization comes to agriculture in the 1870s. The freed slaves become sharecroppers, or become a part of the workforce necessary in the manufacturing boom in the CSA.

Jefferson Davis serves his Constitutionally-mandated single six-year term, and then is elected Senator from Texas, where he serves until just before his death. Robert E. Lee is the next President elected in 1866. Dozens of new Southern cities and streets are named after Davis, just like George Washington’s legacy after the Revolutionary War.

Stonewall Jackson does not die in battle in 1863, but goes back to the Virginia Military Institute, where he resumes teaching. He eventually becomes the Chancellor of the School, and remains in this position until his death.

The Citadel, the Charleston military academy, becomes the Naval Academy for the CSA.

Richmond, Virginia, continues to be the capitol of the CSA. Atlanta becomes the business and financial center of the CSA. The Atlanta Stock Exchange becomes one of the largest and wealthiest in the world. Most of the major banks of the South are based in Atlanta.

The territories west of the Mississippi eventually seek statehood, and must decide with which nation they will align themselves. Only North and South Dakota Territories decide to become US states. All other territories become Confederate states, because the Montgomery Constitution of 1861 was a vast improvement over the US Constitution.

The USA becomes a nation bordered on the north by Canada, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south and west by the CSA. California, Maryland and Oregon vote to secede from the Union and join the CSA in 1862.  The USA statehood growth ceases at 19 states. The CSA eventually grows to 27 states, bordered on the north by the USA and Western Canada, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Atlantic, and on the south by Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. Puerto Rico becomes the last state to join the CSA in 1960.

Hawaii is not stolen by the USA and remains a sovereign nation. Alaska belongs to Canada.

The CSA’s import tariffs are an average of 13%. Consequently, shipping and trade at Southern ports explodes. The ports of Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Miami and New Orleans become the busiest ports on the Eastern Seaboard.  Western ports at San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle become CSA ports.

The port of Norfolk/Portsmouth becomes the shipbuilding capital of the Americas. The Navy of the CSA is harbored at Norfolk and Charleston. The CSA controls all commerce in Chesapeake Bay and controls all commerce coming up and down the Mississippi River.

USA’s main ports are New York, Newark, Philadelphia and Boston. The canals and locks are built by the US government to facilitate access to the Great Lakes.

Chicago still becomes a major Midwestern business center, and a center for commodities. Kansas City, Missouri becomes the major Midwestern business center and commodities exchange for the South.

Southern manufacturing expands rapidly as investments pour into the CSA from wealthy Southerners, as well as Northern and European investors. The Bessemer steel mill in Alabama becomes the largest steel mill in the world.

CSA makes gold and silver the only money. Southern banks are not regulated by the government and are allowed to coin their own money. Fractional banking is not allowed in the CSA. There is no inflation in the CSA throughout its history.

In 1898, William Randolph Hearst owns a chain of publications and newspapers. However, his publishing empire is in California, which is a state of the CSA. Hearst finds no interest in the CSA for his stories about Spain’s influence in the Western Hemisphere, as Spain is a valued ally and trading nation. The US Congress and President McKinley want to establish an American Empire. However, with only 20 states, they are no so quick to project military might. Their southernmost port is Philadelphia, not Florida. The USS Maine is never dispatched to Havana harbor and does not sink there. Teddy Roosevelt never leads the Rough Riders in a cavalry charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba. He does not win the Congressional Medal of Honor. The United States has no naval presence in the Pacific, and does not attack the Spanish at Manila.

Theodore Roosevelt still becomes Vice President, and eventually becomes President in 1901 when McKinley is assassinated.

Theodore Roosevelt leads the project to build the Panama Canal. Many CSA companies participate, but the CSA government does not spend money unconstitutionally on the project.

Hoover Dam is not built by the US government, but by a consortium of the seven states served by the Colorado River. Its name remains the Boulder Dam.

The CSA continues to gain its revenue from tariffs, and there is never an income tax of any kind.

There is no CSA standing army, but each state has its militia. The CSA does have a Navy, authorized in its Constitution.

Oil is discovered in Texas, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico. Over time, the CSA becomes an exporter of petroleum products to the North, as Northern oil fields do not produce what they need. The CSA is entirely self-sufficient in oil and gas. Because there is no inflation, crude oil prices never exceed $20 per barrel.

Coal is also produced and exported to the North from the vast fields of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia (remember that West Virginia is not formed by Lincoln).

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 starts WWI. As a result of the overlapping treaty obligations between various European nations, the continent is gripped by war. Even though US President Wilson desires entry into the war, the USA does not have either the military might or the political will to enter. The USA gives support of munitions and materiel to the Allies in much smaller quantities but does not commit ground troops to the Continent. Germany wins, and the maps of Europe are redrawn. There is no Treaty of Versailles. Germany projects its military might worldwide with its navy, a superior force to the defeated British navy. However, Germany is very friendly with the CSA, who stayed neutral in the war. It is more hostile toward the US.

After 1918, Germany becomes a major world power. No communism develops in Russia, as a strong Germany would not tolerate it, and was positioned geographically to do something about it. Hitler remains an obscure paper-hanger and non-entity.

The Ottoman Turkish Empire is not defeated in WWI. Consequently, the territories controlled by Turkey are not divided, and the British do not get the opportunity to establish Palestine, Syria and Trans-Jordan in 1918. This also means that the state of Israel was not established in 1948. Prior to World War I, the best major European countries in which to be Jewish were Germany and Austria. The vast Jewish communities of Central and Eastern Europe would have held their traditional places in multi-nation-empires, instead of becoming aliens in new nation-states. The Jewish diaspora from Russia and Europe to North America would not have occurred in such large numbers. Consequently, many of the Jewish movie directors, producers, writers, composers and actors would have stayed in Europe.

Hollywood does not become the world’s entertainment center, but Berlin does. But Hollywood does become an important center of entertainment in Los Angeles, California, CSA.

The Great Depression of 1929 does still occur in the USA because of the formation of the Federal Reserve and fractional banking. However, the CSA is enriched by it, since the CSA’s money is backed by gold and silver, with no inflation. Thousands of businesses and millions of people relocate to the South and West.

Japan becomes one of the leading nations of the Far East. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not bombed with nuclear weapons in 1945.

Russia remains a monarchy. Communism never gains a toehold.  V.I. Lenin, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin remain obscure theorists. No Iron Curtain. No Cold War. No use for thousands of ICMBs…they were never built.

No Communist Cuba. The CSA has a very strong relationship with Cuba, and is Cuba’s primary trading partner. Cuba emulates the CSA’s constitution, and becomes a beacon of freedom for Latin and South America. However, the US also trades with Cuba since no embargo was enacted.

Mao Tse Tung and his wife are communists and work to bring Communism to China. They are arrested and executed in 1927. No more Communism in China.

China’s emperor embraces capitalism, and China becomes a leading world power.

Word War II does not occur, since none of the reasons for the war existed.

The Jewish Holocaust does not occur.

The Wright brothers fly their airplane in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, NC. Over the remaining part of the 20th Century, aeronautic innovation occurs primarily in private aviation, since the USA and CSA were not consumed by and planning wars.

NASA is not created by governments, but private enterprise develops rocket technology.

No United Nations is formed.

No Korean War. The Korean Peninsula is not split by Chinese Communism, and the nation remains whole.

John F. Kennedy is not assassinated in Dallas in 1963. However, his Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963 to issue silver-backed money and de-fund the Federal Reserve still gets him assassinated in a Northern city. Someone other than Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas becomes the next president.

The CSA embraces nuclear power, and dozens of nuclear power generating plants spring up all over the nation. The CSA generates 90% of its electrical needs through clean, safe nuclear power.

No Vietnam War, and only one Vietnamese nation exists because China is not promoting Communism.

No Gulf Wars.

In the entire 140-plus year history of the Confederate States of America, there is no warfare, save the one day of battle on July 21, 1861 in Virginia.

Over 150 million people are not killed by world governments and wars during the 20th century. All because Jefferson Davis did not hesitate to act on a day in July of 1861.

One Man Can Make A Difference.

The Absence of Outrage

May 2, 2009

The machinations of the Federal Government of the United States remind me of the old story of the frog and the scorpion.

The frog and the scorpion met at the edge of a creek. Both needed to cross to the other side. The scorpion engaged the frog in conversation and made an offer.

“Frog, I cannot swim, but you can. I need a ride across the creek.”

“But you will sting me and I will die,” replied the frog.

“Use your frog brain,” said the scorpion. “If I sting you, then we’d both die.”

So, the scorpion got onto the back of the frog and they set out to cross the creek. About half way across, the scorpion stung the frog.

“Scorpion, you idiot! Why did you sting me? Now we will both die here in the creek,” cried the frog.

“Because stinging is in a scorpion’s nature. It’s what scorpions do,” became the scorpion’s last words.

Governments throughout human history have always been true to their nature. They gradually enslave the citizens until the government collapses. Then along comes another government and the cycle is repeated.

The Federal Government of the United States of America is spinning entirely out of control. It is comparable to the drowning man who will grasp any form of help to save himself, even if he kills himself and his savior. It recognizes no restriction from without…not even its own founding documents. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been dead documents for decades.

The only self-imposed restriction it will currently abide is what it can get away with.

The Congress, the President, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have joined forces to plunder the American economy and the American taxpayer.

They have instituted laws that violate the natural rights of individuals to enter into contracts.

They have handed billions of dollars to the very companies that were seated at the crap tables of Wall Street, and covered their bad bets.

The Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank, and the government colluded to issue trillions of dollars of worthless paper money that over time, will cause massive inflation, thereby stealing even more money from the citizens.

Meanwhile, the government makes no effort whatsoever to curb its own spending. It is the leech and the body America is the host. Will this leech eventually kill this host?

Because of the direct interference of Washington, the nation is now fully plunging into a deep depression which will last for many years.

But, where is the outrage in America?

I maintain that outrage is buried in a common grave along with the education that Americans used to get about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The two have been interred together now for about 140 years.

The understanding of our constitutional republic form of government has been ignored now for at least three generation, so that its memory has nearly been wiped out by the government educational establishment, tasked with the job of producing compliant dumb citizens.

So, the legislators who are chosen from that pool of Americans ignorant of their rights cannot be expected to champion a concept of natural law foreign to their ears.

The occasionally-heard voice of outrage is today labeled as a domestic terrorist, or threat to the government, or a Homeland security risk. Those persons are likely to be hassled when they attempt to board planes on American soil.

It  appears that the American populace will abide any injury…any ill treatment…any crushing regulation visited upon it from Washington. The 2008 elections had the greatest turnout in history, with Americans willingly lining up as sheep to be shorn.

Without outrage. Without revolt or revolution. Without dissolving its government and instituting new government that protects its rights under natural law.

So, in light of the breathtaking apathy and outright refusal of the majority of American citizens to actually control their Federal Government, only a few consequences remain for us all to anticipate:

Increasing confiscatory taxation

More laws to diminish personal liberty

Abridgement of any free speech that criticizes the government

Tax revolt, in which taxpayers refuse to send money to Washington

Implosion and collapse of the Federal Government

State secession

Complete societal collapse

Which will occur first? Only time will tell.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Federal Stimulus Package: Creating Jobs Will Not Fix The Economy

May 2, 2009

President Obama continues to prove to enlightened observers that he knows almost nothing about economics. So far, if there are two choices from which to choose, he and his Administration choose the one that causes the most destruction for America.

Let’s review Economics 101 for a brief moment.

An individual or group of individuals studies the marketplace and decides that there is a demand for a certain product or service. He or they set about meeting that demand by creating that product or service.

A product or service consists of four basic components; materials, labor, overhead and profit, defined below:

Materials are the raw goods used in a product. Think iron or plastic or paper or ideas.

Labor is the cost of changing the raw goods into a finished product. Humans trade their time and ability as labor in exchange for a wage, an agreed-upon amount of money directly connected to the amount of time worked. The process of trading time for dollars is sometimes called a job. Jobs are usually considered in the context of being hired by an employer to provide the labor component of the product.

Overhead is the cost incurred by the business owner/producer, which often includes rent, utilities, taxes and management wages.

Profit is the making of gain in business activity for the benefit of the owners of the business. This is customarily the amount of money retained by the business over and above all costs to produce the product or service.

OK…are we clear? A “job” is only a component of labor cost. It is not an end, but only the means to an end. If a person cannot pay all of their expenses with the income from one job, the must either work a second job, cut their expenses or become educated or trained to qualify for a higher paying skill.

Mr. Obama stated in his first Presidential press conference that he wants to create 4 million jobs with his stimulus package of almost $800 BILLION DOLLARS.

Obama and his staff have determined that there is a demand for JOBS. But if a job is a labor cost of product or service, what product or service is going to be created? Any who decided?

Further, it will take months and months for this “stimulus” money to trickle down into the economy. Have you ever tried to get a Federal or State contract to do work? Takes forever for them to move. Many road projects are planned years ahead of time. Also, a road contractor doesn’t just hire warm bodies to work a paving crew. There has to be skill on the part of the worker.

The only way that the Federal government can create jobs is to hire large groups of people to do menial tasks that require almost no training. Now, is the government going to hire them through a union, or are they going to be non-union? Who will set their labor rates? Who will make job descriptions? Who will manage the workers?

Then, in the end of all this casting about on the part of Congress and the new President, what will happen when the government stops spending this counterfeit money? They created a false demand, and the demand will vanish when the checkbook closes.

So, the economy will crash again, and all those stimulus-paid workers will once again be unemployed.

Ladies and gentlemen, government cannot create anything. It is the leech and the individual citizen is the host. Government relies on armed force to take from one person and give to another.

The Socialist Utilitarians who are running the government, Republican and Democrat, are destroying America as fast as they can. You must provide for your own well-being, and stop assisting the government is stealing from you and your neighbors.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Gun Control and the Well-Regulated Militia

May 2, 2009

Gun control is today’s subject. The issue has thankfully dropped from the radar screen in the aftermath of September 11th. However, those who would outlaw gun ownership are undaunted and patient. They know that another school shooting or mass murder will eventually occur in the United States, and that event will propel this issue back onto the front pages and lead stories in the news media. So, let us examine the issue of gun control in light of history and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

Any State with a well regulated Militia would be capable of defending itself from Federal tyranny. Over the past two hundred years, the individual States have forgotten that their security as a free State relies upon a well regulated Militia. The first two phrases in the Amendment shed light on today’s power structure in the United States. The Federal government now has standing armies, navies and an air force that far outnumbers any state militia. So, state sovereignty has been destroyed. Now states are more like counties…no sovereignty, only slave territories of a cancer-ridden Federal system.

Let’s consider the definition of the word “arms”.

The Second Amendment does not define the word “arms” but leaves it open to definition and expansion in the future. “Arms” were not only firearms, but any weapon that could be used to defend one’s life or property. Why then do the anti-gun advocates only single out firearms as the focus of their desire to disarm Americans? Why not archery equipment, swords, or knives, or sharpened sticks?

Next, let’s look at the word “infringe”. The Webster’s Dictionary defines “infringe” in two ways pertinent to this discussion; from the Latin “infrangere”:(1)”to break; to violate or go beyond the limits of: (2) to encroach upon.” In order to further explain the Second Amendment, the definition of the word “right” must also be considered, and is: “something due to one by law, custom or nature.” The “right” is the thing not to be infringed by government. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson writes of mankind being “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” The definitions above speak directly to rights endowed to humans by natural law, and to the nature of man as a created being subject to God’s authority. These rights were among those enumerated as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Therefore, the Second Amendment states that the right to keep and bear arms is one that is endowed by our Creator under natural law and shall not be broken, violated or encroached upon. It validates the concept of personal property ownership, in this case one’s own person, and the principle of self-defense.

Many gun control advocates support, and have been successful in the criminalization of the ownership of certain automatic and semi- automatic weapons, the so-called “assault weapons”. They now seek to restrict the ownership of nearly all firearms by private citizens. Yet the issue of advancing technology was not an issue that the framers of the Constitution even considered worthy of mention. These were learned men, and were well aware of the technological improvements that were made in weaponry just in their lifetimes. They knew world history and knew that guns and gunpowder were relative newcomers to the art of war.

But please consider: at the time of the Revolutionary War, did not the Continental armies possess the same technology of armaments as the Redcoats? Yes.

Hadn’t the Colonial citizens owned and used firearms since the early 1600s? Yes!

Did the English soldiers have cartridges for their rifles while the Colonials had only musket and ball? No. Musket, ball and cannon were the leading technologies of the day.

Did only the King have the ability to build ships, forge cannon and cannonball? No. John Paul Jones was a privateer, which is basically a government-sponsored pirate, preying on English ships. His first wartime command was aboard the ship Providence, owned by New England businessman John Brown. The Providence bristled with cannons.

Both of the combatants in the Revolutionary War had the same technology in armaments. The Continental armies consisted of fighting citizens, taking up their rifles and pistols, forging cannon and going to war against superior numbers in the British army and navy, but not against superior weapons.

Therefore, when it came time for the framers of the Constitution to consider the Amendments, they did not even mention the possibility that the private citizen should be prevented from owning the same weapons as the military. Could it be that they considered the threat of government tyranny greater than that of citizens owning military weapons?

One of the beauties of the Constitution is its simplicity. The Second Amendment is written with no ambiguity in clear, simple words. Words have meaning. For decades now, those who would subjugate our citizens with Federal and State tyranny have fought to redefine the words of the Second Amendment. They have been successful in passing unconstitutional laws that do in fact infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms. The framers understood that with freedom comes responsibility, and that the ideas and acts of men have consequences. Yet they entrusted to future generations this simple Amendment. They possessed the foreknowledge that this newly formed government would have the same potential as governments throughout history to decline toward tyranny and totalitarianism.

This Amendment, along with the other original Amendments, were their lasting contribution to the establishment of what would become the mightiest nation in the history of mankind. They planted good seed in fertile ground, and God brought forth a nation from that seed as the people of that nation bowed their knees to His authority over them.

Sadly, this nation is no longer great, as the general populace has ceased bowing their knees to God, and have replaced it with worship of the State.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Is America a Democracy?

May 2, 2009

A nubile young woman entered a bar wearing very suggestive clothing, leaving little to the imagination. More than one young man offered her money for her services. She was quite offended and protested her virtue to the bartender. He explained to her that if she were wearing a policeman’s uniform, it would be logical to assume that she was a cop, even though she was not. However, that night she was wearing the “uniform” of a hooker, and should not take offense when mistaken for one.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often.” My own variation on that phrase is, “If you want to know what’s important to people, don’t listen to what they say, only watch what they do.”

The united States of America was organized as a Constitutional Republic. But the American Federal Government is not now, and has not been for at least 150 years, a constitutional republic. And, contrary to what I hear most politicians, news reporters and school teachers say, it’s not a true democracy, either. To know what political form the government of the early 21st century has taken, we must look at its “uniform”…what it’s actually doing in real time.

And what of that American Constitution? I have long wondered how all three branches of the Federal Government continue to operate without consideration of the strictures of the Constitution. Then I read Lysander Spooner’s booklet entitled “No Treason,” written in the late 1800s, making the irrefutable argument that the Constitution never had ANY power, and is neither law nor legal contract between any parties.

It all made sense. The elected class knew what I had only just discovered. They knew that the Constitution was a dead letter…a meaningless document with no legally binding power. It served, and still serves, as an icon, but an icon that has been swept clean of all original meaning.

So what is it?

It’s not a Constitutional Republic. That form of government is based upon a separation of powers between the three branches of government, and was abandoned no later than 1865. In a republic, citizens elect representatives who receive delegated powers from those very citizens. Today’s elected officeholder thinks himself a leader, not an employee, and ignores the citizens’ wishes…until re-election.

The federal government is not a democracy, because it has not yet degenerated into mob rule.

It’s not a true monarchy with only a King and no Parliament.

It’s not a dictatorship, but it’s close. Dictators can be elected into an office and then take over power from the rest of the government. Look at Hugo Chavez inVenezuela.

Is it Fascism? The American Heritage Dictionary defines fascism as “a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.”  I don’t think that the American government has an overt policy of racism, but it certainly has all the other characteristics of fascism.

No, I think that the American government is a mixed breed of all of the above…a “mutt,” if you will. I have recently begun calling he American form of government a “Parliamentary Pseudo-Monarchy,” or PPM. Think about it.

The President of the USA is king, elected from the political class for a term of four years, eligible for only two continuous terms. He is elected, rather than being elevated from Prince to King from family ties or from conquest.

The President can do pretty much what he wants, with no balance of powers, true oversight or restrictions.  Don’t agree with that statement? Look at what Clinton and George Bush have done in their four terms. Most presidents since Lincoln have behaved in the same manner.

The Vice President is Prime Minister, also elected from among the political class. However, what used to be a mostly ceremonial position (breaking ties in the Senate and attending state funerals) now has vast power never before known.

The Congress is made up of two houses, the House of Commons (435 Representatives) and the House of Lords (100 Senators). These officeholders have all the trappings of the Peerage, but they can be elected to those positions, rather than being elevated by noble birth. They pass any laws they wish without any hint of restraint by such a thing as a Constitution or Magna Carta. Natural law is a joke to them. They have made themselves immune from most laws they pass that affect the rest of us commoners.

There are fifty Dukes, one for each state. You know them as Governors. They are also elected, with some Duchies (states) having term limits. Statistically, more Dukes have been elected King than any other government position. The commoners perceive Dukes as a mini-king, so election to King is just a managerial promotion.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are better known as the Court Jesters. The King does what he pleases. The Congress passes law as they please. Then, the Jesters put on their somber black robes (the powdered wigs would complete the Jesters’ costumes, but never caught on here in the Colonies) and protect the functions of the Government who pays their salaries. They eat at the King’s table, so why would you ever expect that they would take positions in opposition to the King and Parliament? To expect objectivity from the Jesters would be one of the greatest jokes of all.

The there’s the subjects…the commoners. In a republic, the people hold the power and delegate a little of it to the government so they’ll protect our natural rights. In the PPM we are the sheep to be shorn. We are the piggy bank to be raided. The King, Prime Minister, Lords and Dukes are our betters. They are the royalty, and they perceive themselves as more deserving, smarter, wealthier and more powerful than the citizenry.

And today, they’re right. I’m not saying it should be that way…I’m saying that IT IS that way.

I hope you do not hold the illusion that America will ever retreat from the PPM form of government into the way our Founders meant. My opinion is that the American PPM will continue until it collapses of its own weight.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, Benjamin Franklin emerged from the meeting. A woman asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

“A republic, if you can keep it,” replied Franklin.

We have not kept the Republic, to our shame.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

Stop Voting!

May 2, 2009

Sounds almost treasonous, doesn’t it? But lovers of liberty must consider this very radical action.

This election cycle has become interminably long and boring. The worst possible candidates from the Republican and Democrat parties have floated to the top, much like what you see when you glance down into a toilet bowl.

This situation in which the nation finds itself is not uncommon. The state primaries, caucuses and major party conventions have a long and checkered history of corruption. Primaries, caucuses and conventions have been occurring for scores of decades.

The “political system” virtually guarantees that the most corrupt, the best liars, the most compromising, becomes the presumptive candidate. Both candidates are also the politician of their party most willing to violate the Constitution by continuing an unlawful war, and by initiating and approving the highest amount of unconstitutional Federal spending.

Think about it. McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden. Out of over 300 million people in the United States, these four people are surely not the most qualified, the smartest, the most educated, the most experienced candidates to run the Federal government of the United States, are they?

There’s an old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Said another way, “If you want to know what a person values, don’t listen to what they say, only watch what they do.” Think about it. The political system in America is populated with men and women who give lip service to the Constitution, but then go on to vote for every unconstitutional spending bill presented to them. They talk about the virtues of our constitutional republic, and then act to subvert and violate that very system of government.

A pure constitutionalist has no place, and no political base, in America in 2008. Consider the candidacy of Rep. Ron Paul during the Republican primary season. Paul couldn’t get arrested, much less have a legitimate shot at winning or even to be noticed by mainstream media.

So why do I strongly urge you to stop Voting?

1. The illegitimacy of the vote. Look at the situation of paper ballots versus electronic voting. It has been proved beyond doubt that voting machines all across America have been manipulated to change outcomes of elections. In light of the proven fact that you cannot be sure your vote counts, why continue voting?

2. Illegitimacy part II. Consider the incontrovertible facts of national elections…and many times, state and local elections. In 2004, about 125 million people had their votes counted. (Many hundreds of thousands more people actually voted, but their votes did not count for a variety of reasons…don’t get me started!) But elections for decades now break in this statistical fashion:

40% vote Republican

40% vote Democrat

20% undecided are in the middle.

Realistically, the Republican and Democrat voting blocks cancel each other out automatically. So if you’re a registered Republican or Democrat, your vote is wasted. The time you spend voting is wasted. Tell that to all of the people you know who tell you that voting for a third-party candidate is a wasted vote!

It is the 20% in the middle that decides the election. Specifically, 10% plus one vote decides the winner.

Look at the rough numbers from the 2004 Presidential race:

Total votes 125,000,000

Republican 50,000,000

Democrat 50,000,000

Undecided 25,000,000

“Undecided” statistically splits in half:

Winner 12,500,001 (10% plus one vote)

Loser 12,499,999 (10% minus one vote)

So, in a nation of 300 million people, a little over 12 million people, or 4%, actually decide the Presidential election.

The statistics fall much the same in elections in which a candidate identifies with a political party. If you have a local state legislative race where Republicans and Democrats face each other, that race will be decided in much the same way as a national race.

3. Consider that, under Robert’s Rules of Order, an organization holding a vote must have a quorum in place for the vote to be legitimate. But, in American political elections, where’s the quorum?

Presidential candidates regularly consider their election “a mandate from the people.” But think about this: How small would the total number of voters have to be before a candidate would refuse to take office? If 100 million voters stayed away from the polls in November, and only 25 million nationwide voted instead of 125 million…would the winning candidate shun the victory? My gut feeling is that the candidate would still accept the outcome. And why not? There’s NOTHING in the law that I know of that prevents the winner from taking office…a veritable bottomless pit.

With an election system in place in America that is hopelessly corrupt, participation as a voter only encourages those in power…and those seeking power…to continue with the corrupt and illegitimate election system.

So, if you continue voting, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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Who Should Be The State’s Mortal Enemy?

May 2, 2009

The church should be the worst enemy of the State. When I use the term “the church,” I really mean nearly all organized religion. Most religions don’t espouse state worship in their sacred writings and doctrines.

When I use the term, “the State,” I mean all forms of human government, across the spectrum from anarchy to totalitarianism.

For today’s discussion, I’m going to concentrate on the Judeo-Christian traditions, which are the foundations of Western Civilization. So, because Judaism and Christianity are found in worship of the same God, these faiths will be held to the same standard as it relates to their relationship to the State.

The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is about the Kingdom of God and Liberty. He tolerates mankind’s feeble attempts at governing. That’s probably why he is called King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

But if you look at history over the last 5,000 years, you will see repeated oppression of religion by the State. The State has always seen the church as direct competition for money and power and control over people. So, in order to escape persecution by the State, the church has made increasingly cowardly efforts to assuage the hostility of the State. The church has given its blessings to most of the basest, vilest, tyrannical acts of the State.


Think of it this way. If the schoolyard bully regularly beats you up for the funny clothes you wear, and you want the beatings to stop, you will either fight back or change clothes. If you want to go even further, and enjoy the acceptance of the bully, you will have to join the bully in some of his actions. Perhaps you’ll have to learn how to be a bully, too.

But, by learning and approving of the ways of the bully, the bully comes to understand that you are no longer a threat to him. Then you might enjoy an uneasy peace.

Israel began its descent into state worship when, around 1047BC they decided they needed a king like their neighbors. God told Samuel to tell them what a king would do to them in I Samuel 8:11-18:

11: This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.

12: And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots.

13: And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.

14: And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.

15: And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.

16: And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work.

17: He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.

18: And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the LORD will not hear you in that day.

Even when the prophet Samuel told them what a monarchy would do to them, they turned their back on God. So they got Saul and a string of good and bad kings from then on. Even after their experiences of evil kings split the nation into Israel and Judah, both sides couldn’t give up on the idea of having kings rule over them.

It never got any better.

The Christian church solidified its state worship during the reign of Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century and has been increasingly worshipping the State in all its forms over the past 1,700 years. Kings, despots, tyrants and republics all felt the fawning love of the church.

The Catholic Church alternately fought and blessed the monarchies of Western Civilization for that 1,700 years, and still does so today. I’m not picking on the Catholics here, because the Catholic Church was synonymous with “Christendom” until just recently in history. They learned how to share power and money with the State.

I hear all the comments from evangelicals about the government being ordained by God, and that Christians should obey the State. But I don’t find anything in the Bible that tells Christians to obey a State that is violating God’s Word. I do find verses like Acts 5:29: “…we should obey God rather than men.” These words were said by the Apostle Peter after the priests threw the apostles into prison for spreading the Good News.

To be true to the message of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, churches and synagogues would only teach allegiance to God, and to no other. They would be forced to reject the approval of the State and to call the faithful into open rebellion against the State’s ungodly actions.

If churches and synagogues were doing their job, they would preach themes like this Top 10.5 List:

1. The overarching premise that if an action is a sin and a crime for an individual, it is still a sin and a crime for a group of individuals. Political organization by no means affords immunity from sins and crimes committed.

2. Taxation is theft by other means (thou shalt not steal) and is a combination of force and fraud.

3. Murder violates a biblical Commandment (thou shalt not kill) and is a crime, and is no less a crime when you wear a military uniform. The taking of a life in defense of life or property is not murder.

4. Military service: No person of faith should ever serve in the State’s military. Serving in the military of the State is to accept the State as a sovereign higher than God (thou shalt have no other gods before me). Serving in the military of the State forces the person of faith to have to decide to obey an unbiblical order or obey God’s Word.

5. Government commits crimes against its citizens every day through the laws it passes and enforces.

6. Pledging allegiance to the flag of the State is to place God in a subordinate position to the State (thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…thou shalt not bow down to them, nor serve them)

7. When a church uses the corporate laws of the State as its chosen legal entity, it becomes subservient to that State.

8. The acceptance of the tax exempt status places the church subservient to the State, and is an abridgement of freedom, simultaneously giving up many of its God-given rights.

9. Vices, which may be sins, should not be made crimes.

10. Invading another sovereign nation is breaking the Tenth Commandment, “thou shalt not covet.”

10.5. Any war other than a defensive war on your own territory violates God’s Word.

In closing, think about how radically different our communities and our nation would be if these simple yet powerful realities had been taught from the pulpits over the past couple hundred years. I dare say that our states and nation might more closely resemble the confederation of sovereign States found in 1776. The People, in whom are found the powers delegated and undelegated to government, would be the masters of government, rather than its slaves.

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What Are Liberals Liberal About?

May 2, 2009

The world of politics in America seems to be all about the fantasy that there is a substantive philosophical difference between Conservatives and Liberals. I have already written an article about conservatism, entitled “Conservatives Aren’t.” You can find that article on this forum.

Today, I’m going to pick on Liberals.

Let’s start with my definition: Liberalism is a political philosophy that promotes the infinite growth of the State until it ultimately becomes totalitarianism. Liberalism is the antithesis of individual liberty.

Liberals are threatened by true liberty and the freedom of the individual, preferring the grouping of people into special interests that need protection by the State.

Today’s political liberalism is not to be confused in any way with Classical Liberalism, which emphasizes individual rights, natural law and equality of opportunity. It is exactly the opposite of Classical Liberalism.

Liberals believe that the State knows better how to spend the individual’s money than the individual does. Therefore, Liberals support ever increasing levels of taxation.

Liberals believe that the Constitution is a “living document,” and for the most part, should not be interpreted strictly like the writers intended. Consequently, the Amendments in the Bill of Rights beyond Amendment Ten are efforts at social engineering.

Liberals believe that tax policy should be used to promote certain societal behavior, and punish other behaviors. That is why you see tax credits and tax deductions sprinkled throughout new legislation.

Liberals are not content to allow the individual States to exert control over the Federal Government, but wish to see an ever more powerful Federal Government controlling the States.

On the social issues like abortion, civil rights, “gay” rights, gun control, etc., liberals are not found embracing individual rights, but once again, believe in the power of the Federal Government to force society to change under the threat of death.

And, finally, Liberals and Conservatives believe the same things. Just look at what they have done to America over the last 100 years. Ever encroaching and growing Federal Government and ever shrinking individual liberty are their legacies.

In the end, the only fight that truly exists between Liberals and Conservatives is who gets to write the checks. It seems to be NEVER about whether the checks should be written, only about who writes the checks.

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May 2, 2009

The old adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” has never been truer as it relates to the idea and ideal of conservatism.

Scores of books have been written about conservatism and liberalism, and more will be written. In my view, they mostly cloud the issues and make the definitions fuzzy at best.

Here is my definition of true Conservatism.Conservatism is a political philosophy that stands for a Federal government that functions within the strictures and boundaries of the US Constitution.

That’s it. Anything less than that definition is not true Conservatism.

Now, in light of that definition, look at what the people who call themselves Conservatives today believe and do. Remember, forget what they say, watch what they do.

The Constitution does not allow for a standing army. Conservatives support unlimited amounts of tax money for standing armies, air forces and military bases in over 130 foreign countries.

The Constitution does not allow for war to be declared by anyone other than Congress, nor military invasions of sovereign nations. Conservatives have supported undeclared wars and invasions abroad since Lincoln invaded the Confederate States of America.

The Constitution does not provide for all of the various Cabinet departments, like Labor, Energy, Education, Commerce, Health and Human Services, etc. The only Cabinet departments I can see authorized in the Constitution are Treasury, War, and State. Conservatives not only like all of the various departments…they willingly fund them and fight over their control.

The Constitution does not provide for the Federal Reserve or a national bank. Conservatives work hard to place their own favorite guy as the Chairman, and manipulate the currency as they choose.

The Constitution does not promote nor restrict any faith or the practice of any religion, leaving any religious concerns to the states. Conservatives promote nearly exclusively in the religions of Western Civilization, which are Judaism and Christianity. Conservatives have always been in favor of the tax-exempt status of the Church.

The Constitution of 1789 does not allow for a personal income tax or the Internal Revenue Service. (I know about the Amendment.) Conservatives rely on tax revenues to fund the unconstitutional things they love.

The Constitution does not allow for the vast array of regulations of every facet of human existence. Conservatives in Congress have helped pass all of the regulatory legislation and regulations. They have kept most regulation in place, and only in rare exceptions have repealed regulations and law.

The Constitution does not provide for ANY immigration law, leaving immigration policy to the states. Conservatives are hostile to nearly everyone who wants to come to America.

The Constitution promotes small Federal government. Conservatives promote HUGE federal government.

So, we can see that those who call themselves Conservatives today…aren’t. They are big-government state worshippers. Those who embrace true conservatism today are usually labeled anarchists or libertarians…or just simply ignored.

Isn’t that right, Ron Paul?

Recession: It’s The Cure, Not The Disease

May 2, 2009

Normal people and businesses know that when they have a shortfall of income, they have to downsize their spending. Villages, cities, counties and states know the same thing. But in the bizarro world of the economist and the American Federal Government, they seem to believe that they are immune from the simplest arithmetic.

Today’s economists are devotees of the theories of John Maynard Keynes. Keynes believed that federal governments can and should print more money and infuse it into the financial system, thereby attempting to control the ups and downs of the business cycle of boom and recession.

Their views are akin to an individual taking out larger and larger loans, over and over, in an effort to thwart a shortfall of income. The debt piles ever higher until the individual’s total income is required to just pay the interest on the debt. Then what? Go get another loan.

What the economists won’t admit is that under monetary policy where the money is backed by silver and gold, there is no such thing as inflation nor a business cycle of boom and bust.

Keynesian economics are unsustainable in the “real world.” However, I understand why economists warm their hands on the Keynes fire. Economists don’t like the clear concept of an unregulated free market. I don’t mean a market with no rules. I mean a market that cannot be manipulated by monetary policy. And “monetary policy” simply means messing with the money supply through inflation.

Remember that only a government that issues money can create inflation. Price increases are not inflation. Inflation is the issuance of paper money in excess of the underlying precious metal value. If you have one silver dollar, and you issue two one dollar paper notes, you just created 100% inflation and 50% devaluation at the same time.

The economy is the host body. Governments are the parasite living off the host. Governments don’t create anything, but have to take something from one to give to another. Governments get their money from taxes. When taxation falls short, they borrow money. And, when lenders slow or stop lending, governments make up the difference by printing bogus money.

The Federal Reserve has flooded the world with trillions of dollars of paper money that has no backing. And the Administration is using this paper money to fund the bailouts we’re all reading about. There’s no chance that these deficits will ever be repaid.

When government bails out a bank, or automaker, or investment house that is failing in the marketplace, it sustains the bad business decisions that caused the failure. It prevents or delays the market from bringing the required discipline and consequence to bear.

In our present world, in which our national currency is manipulated and inflated, we must have the painful recession as a corrective measure. Recession can wring the bad businesses and inflation out of the economy, and return the economy to sanity. But recessions require sacrifice and pain for individuals and governments.

My worldview is that what’s right for an individual is right for a government. Conversely, if an action is wrong for an individual, it’s also wrong for a government. Murdering civilians is wrong for an individual, and is not right for a government because the murderers wear uniforms. In the same way, it is wrong for individuals and governments to issue bad checks to pay their bills.

Bubbles are bursting all over the world…housing, autos, banking and more are coming. But those bubbles distorted the marketplace and now it’s time for them to go away. It’s time for the world…and the American economy…to go through the pain of a recession. If the recession were allowed to occur without interruption and government intervention, it would not last long. But we’re in for an extended recession that may take years to complete, all because politicians and bureaucrats cannot leave the economy alone.

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