Residual Income

Do you understand the concept of residual income?

First, think about a single business transaction. You sell a product or service to a customer, and you hopefully make a profit…one time.

Residual income happens when you sell a product or service that has a repeating payment. Every time the customer pays his bill, you..the seller…get paid a commission. So sell once, get paid multiple times.

Authors understand this concept. Write a book, get royalty checks every quarter. I’ve been getting royalty checks since 2007.

Insurance agents understand this concept. They sell an insurance policy and every time the policyholder pays a renewal premium payment, the agent gets a small commission. Over time, as the agent sells more and more insurance, his residual income grows. When I stopped being an agent, I kept getting monthly checks for five years.

Actors and songwriters understand residual income too. They perform or write a song, and every time their work is used, they earn residual income…sometimes known as “mailbox money.”

Residual income can mean freedom…time freedom. Freedom to do more than just work 50-60 hours a week for a paycheck.

The problem with most businesses is that they do not have a product or service that will generate residual income. On January 1 of every new year, they have to start over and generate new sales…even new sales with existing customers.

Most business owners… or people who want to be business owners…would move heaven and earth to find a business that generates residual income. Wouldn’t you?

Also, most business owners…or people who want to be business owners…would move heaven and earth to find a truly recession-proof business. They would like a business that sells a product or service that is a part of every adult’s required monthly expenditures. Who wants to sell a product or service where the demand dries up when the economy slows down? Ask building contractors, realtors or mortgage brokers about the effect of the recession on demand for housing and mortgages. Ask doctors about their declining incomes as they face Obama Healthcare and its slashing of medical fees.

I have just such a business…a recession-proof residual income-generating business.

My business takes advantage of the deregulation of energy…electricity and natural gas. Demand for electricity and gas continues to grow in America. And nearly every adult in America will ignore other bills to pay their electric or gas bill every month. No one wants to sit in a cold, dark home. That make my business recession-proof.

My business is Masterpiece Energy. My company is affiliated with Stream Energy, the Number One certified electricity marketer in Texas. We are a Certified Natural Gas Marketer in Georgia. We also market electricity in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, and are in national expansion into other deregulated states. In addition, we have a product called Clean Nation, which is available in all 50 states.

I am looking for business leaders all over the USA who want to build a recession-proof residual income-generating business that capitalizes on the deregulation of electricity and natural gas in America. You do not have to live in a deregulated state to build a successful business in deregulated states.

Want to learn more? Go to and click on “Ignite Business Presentation,” a 16-minute video presentation.

Then let’s talk by phone to see if you qualify. Send me an email at: (replace the +at+ with @) Then we can schedule a phone conference.

Get ALL the facts before you make any decision. Join us today!!

PS: The toll-free number below has changed. The NEW number is 855-4-IGNITE (444-6483).

3 Responses to Residual Income

  1. Fred McDavid says:

    I’d like to start a petition drive to amend the Virginia Constitution to:
    1. allow for recal of polititions (Webb & Warner)
    2. require Board of Elections obtain certified “True” copies of birth certificates for Pres & VP… not just a fax from the “Party”
    3. allow for coinage of sound money.

    Your sound money treatise makes this look like it can’t be done without secession.

  2. Fred McDavid says:

    Check out Mel Stamper’s “Fruit from a Poisonous Tree”.
    Mel renounced his U.S. citizenship in Washington DC, and retained his Florida citizenship. I can e-mail a copy of his Renunciation document. Mel is a VietNam era Marine coprs, Top-Gun pilot, law professor, former Chicago cop who has been teaching via his “Law Club”. He has written two books.

  3. I hate to see good folks leave instead of fighting for secession. However, I understand why they leave. I myself left for 4 years, though I did come back in the end. It was a culture shock coming back to fascist, unfree America. If I could somehow move South Carolina to another part of the world, I would do it in a second – and we’d be way better off.

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